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Feb. 2nd, 2006 | 01:56 pm
mood: happyhappy
music: Erik Mongrain - Percusienfa

I remember when I was in cegep. There were these, groups, like the Pro Ecologie groups or the Geeks, the jocks, etc. I was mostly part of my "MeMyselAndI Sorta kinda group", but I did identify more with the Geeks, being that I am a Linux Hacker. I used to think that the Pro Ecologie group was a total waste of energy. Bare with me here, at that time, I was about 18. There is one thing that I liked about them though, they seemed to have the most beautiful girls. The girls had this simplistic look about them yet, they had a cause, and they stood by it. I liked to stop and watch when they were talking and I especially stopped when they had free Fair Trade/Bio coffee to give out. It was the good ol'days.

Today, I think I'm even more of an EcoFreak than they were when I was in CEGEP. I support a Fair Trade/Bio association in my region, I'm a member of World Wildlife Fund. I'm actively promoting the benefits of having Fair Trade/Bio products in my environments. I will also start supporting, as soon as I have the money, Wolf Haven( I've been basicly hanging around their website for a verry long time ). Wolves are my favorite animals, along with my cat and dogs. I also like all the other animals but the list is too long to start naming them all.

Anyways, I was just thinking about that and thought I'd take 5 and write it down here.

I've been really busy these last couple of months and I think it's going to pay off now. I have successfully made my transition from Shipper to Web Programmer/Net Admin/Sys Admin/Programmer with my first evaluation done and a raise on the way. So now things should cool down a slight bit. I've made my point by learning ASP and VB.Net in about 3 days each, more or less. Although I've been spending some time to convert the VB.Net 2003 app to VB.Net 2005 and adding some agile techiques, which was a pretty good debug practice. Served me right for not doing things according to standards in the first place.

I've been spending most of my free time at home working on 3 things. First, my home server, which I've been keeping up to date. Second, I've been doing some PHP that will be used with my 2 websites. And third, I've been getting into Ruby On Rails and the more I use it, the more I like it. I received my copy of Agile Web Development With Rails and I've been reading through it and I'm now trying to apply the techniques to all my development projects.

As for my websites, My Familly's website is going to be really great. I downloaded a free design from OSWD(http://www.oswd.org) and it looks terrific. The design is pretty basic but I will be adding the PHP code to go with it in the verry near future. I'm expecting it to be pretty straight forward so I should be able to do some tomorow, during the day. As for my other website, my professional web site will also be updated at the same time but using a verry different design. It's from OSWD also but it looks more professional, yet is also verry simple. A combination that I like in a web site. Simple and clean.

Wow, I don't recall ever doing a post as long as this one. Guess I really had alot to say today. It's nice and not sunny but close enough to it today, so that probably helps alot.

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