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Tiger wants to talk

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Mar. 15th, 2006 | 11:33 am

Mrrreow. I haven't been able to post these last couple of months, I was busy sleeping and playing with my toy mouse that daddy bought me a while back. Oh and scarfing out treats also. Recently, I've been spending alot more time sleeping on daddy. He's really comfy. He's better than a pillow. Purrrrrr. Purrrrr. I've been asking daddy to pet me alot too. Ever since daddy had me shaved. Daddy has to start brushing me more too, if he wants my fur to stay nice. Daddy's been pretty much busy with work and special projects as he likes to call them but I find that he also spends alot of time playing a weird game with me, he has this arrow thingy moving around a square box thingy and I try to catch it and bite it but that square thing is pretty hard so I just try to put my paws on it. While I chase that thing, daddy has weird images of monsters and stuff that appear in the back of the sqared thing. Daddy says that it's called Guild Meowars. Or something like that. It's really fun to play with daddy. I think I get lonely at times and that's why I sometimes cry for nothing. I wish daddy would get me a friend to play with when he's not home. That would be better.

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